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About TasteCrate

Our mission at TasteCrate is to celebrate you and your love for food.

We promise we are not “another snack box.”

Our team is dedicated to searching the country for snacks & beverages that are premium favorites to emerging brands (and of course they taste great).

Imagine if you were able to try the newest and trendiest snack and beverage brands before anyone else, imagine if you were able to share on your Insta your trendy finds before your friends do?

You will love this crate so much that you will want to share it with your bestie.

TasteCrate is confidently committing to providing you with a variety of snacks and beverages that have been handpicked for you.

We know the importance of “great tasting," so don’t worry — we got you covered.

TasteCrate is dedicated to delivering happy and healthy right to your doorstep.

Every month TasteCrate members will receive a selection of 10-12 premium products that have been curated by our team of food lovers/foodies to ensure your overwhelming satisfaction.

TasteCrate is made up of emerging brands that you will love to get your hands on.

We knew what we wanted to bring to the market because we listened to you and what we heard was, “We do not want a snack box with items we can buy anywhere,”, “We do not want another boring snack box,” and “We are not impressed by this box of snacks.”

TasteCrate was established in 2020 by Jacob, Josh, and Jillian to shake up the snack box market and deliver what they heard was missing — a box of trending, unique, healthy, good for you, and most importantly, great tasting.

TasteCrate is not your everyday “basic” box (we don’t do basic) we are here to shake up the market because we heard you loud and clear.

TasteCrate isn't like all those “other” snack crates, we are here to bring YOU the undiscovered brands and deliver them right to your doorstep.

Want conventional snacks? We are not the subscription for you! But if you're looking for something different? You've come to the right place.

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